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In 2022, the NCEO will feature brand-new content. We have carefully selected preconference topics to help answer your most pressing ESOP questions. These preconference sessions are educational, interactive, and thought-provoking.

The preconference day pass allows access to either a morning or an afternoon time slot, or both. They are intense deep dives into the topic offered with a broad panel of subject-matter experts. You will leave these sessions both educated and invigorated to take your learnings back to your organizations to put into action. Bring your entire team to learn in the following areas:

Sample Schedule for the Day


The Middle-Aged ESOP Presented by Chartwell

When your company first set up your ESOP, you were on a crash course to educate everyone, set up annual processes, and communicate what being an ESOP means to people. This session is for companies trying to make sure they are ready for what comes next, from the bump in repurchase that comes with the 10-year diversification requirement to the decrease in stock available to allocate to participant accounts. Speakers will also cover human dynamics, such as the potential gap between employees who joined the company before the ESOP and those who joined after, and ways a no-longer-young ESOP can institutionalize an innovative, high-performance ownership culture.


Getting Buy-In, Commitment, Execution Workshop: Building Strategic Plans That Work/Stick Presented by The Great Game of Business

Employee ownership often changes the goals around which companies make their plans, but it also gives them tools to achieve more than companies without employee ownership. A strong high-involvement planning (HIP) process takes planning out of the boardroom and gives it to the employee-owners who must make it happen. Learn how involving everyone in the strategic planning process makes their individual tasks more closely aligned with overarching company goals, and how that synergy drives success.


ESOP Feasibility 101 Step-by-Step Presented by ESOP Plus

This session will help you sort through the key attributes a company must have for an ESOP to be worth considering. If you meet these criteria, you will next want a detailed feasibility assessment focusing on the company's valuation; the best structure for the transaction, including consideration of tax-deferral (or installment sale) structures; how the sale will be financed and paid for and/or, if seller financing is necessary, whether you should include warrants as part of seller notes. Other topics that will be addressed are tax issues, plan design options, nonleveraged transactions, governance considerations, and related issues. You will come away with an overall understanding of typical ESOP transaction structures and timelines.


Business and Financial Literacy Presented by GRITT Business Coaching

When they understand how businesses make money in general and what determines the success of their own company more specifically, employee-owners can unleash a wave of improvements, from countless small process tweaks to bold new lines of business. But how do you build this kind of understanding without falling into the trap of classroom-style learning? Learn from the experiences of companies that have created widespread business literacy and from the learnings baked into a game that's an educational simulation of what businesses need to do to thrive.