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2020 Employee Ownership Conference

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Preconference Sessions
Preconference: Corporate Governance at an ESOP CompanyEvaluation
Preconference: The Employee-Owner's Crisis Survival Kit: You've Never Needed Your Employee-Owners More than NowEvaluation
Preconference: Communication Tips and Tools for ESOP CompaniesEvaluation
Preconference: Sustaining Your Company and Your ESOPEvaluation
Preconference: What's Your Plan B? Contingency Planning to Survive & Thrive in Tough TimesEvaluation
Preconference: Strategic Issues for ESOP Companies - ESOP AcquisitionsEvaluation
Preconference: Not One, but Two Serious Offers at the Same Time!Evaluation
Main Conference Sessions in Alphabetical Order
15 Valuation GlitchesEvaluation
7 Ways to Increase Your ESOP Stock ValueEvaluation
A Better Way Forward NCEO Group Captive SolutionsEvaluation
A Guide to ESOP Communication and Culture DevelopmentEvaluation
All-Star Frontline LeadersEvaluation
Analysis of a DOL Investigation From Start to Finish - A Case StudyEvaluation
Analyzing the Valuation Issues in Recent ESOP LawsuitsEvaluation
Basic Administration: Timelines and Third-Party Administrator RequirementsEvaluation
Benefit Levels and Planning for the ESOP Repurchase ObligationEvaluation
Beyond Engagement: How to Generate More Ideas from More PeopleEvaluation
"Board and Director Evaluation: What, How, and When"Evaluation
Board Interactions with ESOP-Related ProfessionalsEvaluation
Board vs. BoardEvaluation
Building Ownership Culture Across Multiple LocationsEvaluation
Capital Needs in ESOP Companies: A Guide for the Board of DirectorsEvaluation
Capital Planning Through the Life Cycle of an ESOP CompanyEvaluation
"Cash Flow, Financing and Bank Relationships in the Current Environment"Evaluation
Communicating ESOP Valuation and Company ValuesEvaluation
Communicating Why Employee Ownership Matters Now to EmployeesEvaluation
Concerns of Non-Disclosure Violations and Trade Secret TheftEvaluation
Considering an ESOP? Maybe you should create an EIAP insteadEvaluation
Corporate Governance in an ESOP CompanyEvaluation
COVID-19: Designing Empowering Cultures & Conversations During Times of CrisisEvaluation
Create a Winning Culture in 90 Days with Minigames (Part1)Evaluation
Create a Winning Culture in 90 Days with Minigames (Part2)Evaluation
Creating and Following a Vision for Your BusinessEvaluation
Designing Executive Benefits in ESOP CompaniesEvaluation
Designing the Company President's Performance Review - Help for the ESOP Board of DirectorsEvaluation
Diversification and BeyondEvaluation
Effectively Leading through ChallengeEvaluation
ESOP AccountingEvaluation
"ESOP Administrative, Disclosure, and Reporting Toolkit"Evaluation
ESOP Companies Making AcquisitionsEvaluation
ESOP Distribution Policies and Practices; What You Can and Cannot ChangeEvaluation
"ESOP Engagement: Driven by the Employees, for the Employees"Evaluation
ESOP Holding Companies - Lessons Learned from ExperienceEvaluation
ESOP Litigation: The Next WaveEvaluation
ESOP Participants: Retirement and Financial WellnessEvaluation
ESOP Plan Design and AllocationsEvaluation
ESOP Ramp Up—Managing ESOP Resources and CostsEvaluation
Financing an ESOP Company in Current Capital MarketsEvaluation
Following the Cash through the Life of an ESOPEvaluation
For the New ESOP: What You Should KnowEvaluation
Forecasting for ESOP Valuations in Uncertain TimesEvaluation
From ESOP to IPO - The Mayville Engineering StoryEvaluation
Fundamentals of ESOP Repurchase ObligationEvaluation
Fundamentals of Plan DesignEvaluation
Main session in Alphabetical OrderEvaluation
Harnessing Purpose and Value at Every Position in Your CompanyEvaluation
Harnessing the Power of StorytellingEvaluation
Helping Others Know the Value of Working With and For an ESOPEvaluation
High-Involvement Strategic Planning in an Employee-Owned CompanyEvaluation
How the Rules of Improv Can Improve Your Business and CultureEvaluation
How to Finance your ESOP TransactionEvaluation
How to Grow Your Company through AcquisitionsEvaluation
How to Utilize your Communications Committee During the COVID-19 pandemic?Evaluation
I Own It. Right?Evaluation
Is That How Boards and Trustees Really Interact?Evaluation
Leadership Tips from a CEOEvaluation
Leading and Engaging Employee-Owners with Data AnalyticsEvaluation
Leading Like a Human in Times of UncertaintyEvaluation
Leaning into Marketing Innovation to Overcome AdversityEvaluation
Legal and Regulatory UpdateEvaluation
Living with an ESOP: ESOP Company Case StudiesEvaluation
Marketing your ESOP: How to Differentiate Your Brand in a Crowded MarketplaceEvaluation
Merger & Acquisition Considerations for ESOP Companies - What Do You Need to Know?Evaluation
Non-Leveraged ESOP FormationEvaluation
"Not One, but Two Serious Offers at the Same Time!"Evaluation
Planning a Successful ESOP TransactionEvaluation
"Recycle, Redeem, Releverage, and Re-ESOP: An ESOP Company's Path Toward a Targeted Benefit Level"Evaluation
Retiring from an ESOP Company - Keeping Score for Your Retirement Well BeingEvaluation
S Corporation Legal and Valuation IssuesEvaluation
Save Time and Increase Engagement with a 12-Month Communications PlanEvaluation
Section 409(p) Anti-Abuse Laws - What the Company Needs to KnowEvaluation
"Setting Goals, Creating Engagement: Lessons from High-Performing ESOP Companies"Evaluation
Should We Segregate Terminated Participants' Accounts? Let's Debate!Evaluation
Somebody Wants to Buy My ESOP Company...Now What?Evaluation
Stewardship or Agency Governance within ESOP CompaniesEvaluation
Structuring Warrants in ESOP Transactions: Avoiding Unintended ConsequencesEvaluation
Sustaining Employee OwnershipEvaluation
Synthetic Equity and Its Impact on the 409(p) TestEvaluation
Synthetic Equity Uses in ESOP Transactions and Executive CompensationEvaluation
Teaching Financial Concepts for Different Learning StylesEvaluation
The 1042 RolloverEvaluation
The ABCs of ESOP Feasibility: What Is It?Evaluation
The ESOP Maturity ContinuumEvaluation
The Fair Market Value Standard: Are the DOL and Some Courts Getting It Wrong?Evaluation
The Mature ESOP Company SlumpEvaluation
The Mature ESOP Roll-Out: Reintroducing Employee OwnershipEvaluation
The New Federal Economic Stimulus Bill and ESOP CompaniesEvaluation
The Role of the Board in Ownership CultureEvaluation
"Thoughtful Strategies to Avoid Panic Capital Planning, Valuation, Legal & Fiduciary, and Governance"Evaluation
Through the Eyes of a Business Owner: Why I Chose an ESOPEvaluation
Transaction Negotiations - What Goes on Behind the Scenes?Evaluation
Trends in ESOP Litigation by the Department of Labor and Private PlaintiffsEvaluation
Valuation and Coronavirus - A Hot Topic DebateEvaluation
Valuation BasicsEvaluation
What Do ESOP Company Boards Do and Who Should Be on Them?Evaluation
What is the Impact of the ESOP Repurchase Obligation on My Banking Relationship?Evaluation
What Motivates Employee-Owners?Evaluation
What to Do When You Find a Mistake with Your ESOPEvaluation
What's My Role as an Employee-Owner?Evaluation
Workshop for Internal TrusteesEvaluation
You Are Subpoenaed by the DOL; Now What?Evaluation

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